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Our Dojo was launched officially on March 2nd, 1996 by Greg Livingstone Sensei.

Greg Sensei came to Iaido from Ju-Jutsu, in which he holds a second dan. As part of his continuing Ju-Jutsu training he was required to become familiar with a weapon of his choice - he chose the katana or japanese long sword.

In time the sword became the central aspect of his training and prompted the creation of our dojo, under the supervision of Don Harvey Sensei who was at that time the head of the Musashi UK school.

When Iwata Sensei kindly visited he invited clubs in the UK to become part of his Roshukai organisation, headed in the UK by Neil Kemp Sensei.

Greg Sensei currently holds a third dan in Iaido.

Yudansha in our dojo

This thumbnailed picture (click to enlarge) shows the yudansha in our dojo. From left to right : Dave (2nd Dan), Greg (3rd Dan), John (3rd Dan) and Robby (1st Dan). The picture in the foreground shows Oe Masamichi Sensei.


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