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Certain items of clothing are traditional in the practice of Iaido.


Also known as dogi or keiko-gi meaning uniform of the way, and practice uniform respectively.


These are the long baggy trousers traditionally worn by the samurai and which are still worn in various arts such as Iaido, Kendo, Aikido, and Kyudo among others.

The seven pleats of the hakama (five at the front, two at the back) are said to represent the seven martial virtues.

  1. Yuki - courage, valor, bravery
  2. Jin - humanity, charity, benevolence
  3. Gi - justice, righteousness, integrity
  4. Rei - etiquette, courtesy, civility (also means bow/obeisance)
  5. Makoto - sincerity, honesty, reality
  6. Chugi - loyalty, fidelity, devotion
  7. Meiyo - honor, credit, glory; also reputation, dignity, prestige

[This list is from the Aikido FAQ]


Obi is a word for "belt". In Iaido the colour of belt has no significance with relation to the grade (Kyu or Dan) of the practicioner. Rather than the thin belt worn for most martial arts such as Karate-do, Judo and Aikido, the obi worn in Iaido is usually wider and longer and wraps several times around the body. This helps keep the saya secure when placed in the obi.


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